Roaring Fork Pickleball Association Hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday    7:00 Am – 12:00

Tuesday & Thursday  5:00 PM –  8:00

Non-Members $10  Club Membership Applications available on site  $75/year $125/2 year

Maintain proper social distance (6 ft. apart) at all times whether engaged, waiting, or observing play in and around the court areas.
When not playing, wearing of face masks is encouraged for inward and outward protection of all players, especially entering court areas and when waiting to rotate on to the courts.
No sharing of equipment in general, players will label a personal ball that ONLY they will touch during play. Do not pick up the other person’s ball, send it back with a foot paddle/racket or push.
Only use the chair you have brought.
Depending on the number of people present, the courts are 2 on 2 off, or 4 on 4 off.
  1. If you have a foursome that you choose to stay with that is fine, but you MUST vacate the court after each game to give others the opportunity to play.
  2. We are not able to implement challenge courts at this time due to covid and the number of people that are showing up to play. However, if you have a net and want to set it up on the Darien courts to keep your foursome together or have it be a challenge court feel free to do so

Carbondale CO…April 11 2019…RFPA has announced its plan to gift $250,000 to the Town of Carbondale for the construction of six USAPA outdoor Pickleball courts at North Face Park.         

At their April 9th meeting, Carbondale Trustees voted unanimously to approve an agreement with RFPA that provides the land, construction oversight and approval of RFPA’s fundraising plans.  The site plan has been completed. The goal of this unique public/private partnership is to start construction as soon as sufficient funds are raised, preferably this spring or summer. Continue reading