RFPA Operating Procedures

Roaring Fork Pickleball Association

Operating Procedures

Name: The name of the association shall be the Roaring Fork Pickleball Association (hereinafter “RFPA”)

Purpose: The primary purpose of RFPA is to assist in the activities and enjoyment of pickleball for all members. RFPA will also work to promote maintenance and enhancement of pickleball facilities.

Membership: Any person wanting to promote the RFPA is eligible for membership. Each member shall be entitled to one vote. Membership will be terminated by voluntary withdrawal or non-payment of dues.

Dues: Association dues are determined by RFPA officers. Dues for the year are due by January 31th. Our year will be from January 1st until December 31th.

Duties of Officers: The President is the association leader, at all meetings, appoints committees, calls meetings as needed, and is the spokesperson for the association. The Secretary shall prepare the meeting agenda, take minutes at meetings and produce a regular newsletter and distribute emails with pertinent information. The Treasurer shall collect dues and other income, distribute all funds, and provide financial reports including the Annual Report. Members-at-Large are to advise the Officers on association issues and help in various programs, including the staffing of committees, running events, and encouraging association membership and participation in activities.

Voting: All seven officers have a vote. All officers will be advised of upcoming meetings at least one week in advance except in case of emergency. A meeting quorum shall consist of three officers and at least two Members-at-Large. A simple majority determines the outcome of a vote. Decisions made are intended for the current year.